BOT l’electro made in Italy esportata in UK

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BOT è già nel futuro. Si trova per la precisione nell’anno 2028, nella terra di Indastria.

Ciò che è stato ricreato, a livello di struttura sonora, è davvero un pregiato sostrato di influenze futuriste e richiami wild from Africa.

BOT, all’anagrafe Andrea Fratangelo, membro di una delle formazioni electro più conosciute dell’ultima decade, si rimette in gioco a Londra e fonda MAIN COURSE, label creata insieme ad Astronomar e Neoteric, già apprezzata per alcuni interessanti free download, tra cui l’EP “Indastria”, di BOT stesso.

Abbiamo chiacchierato con BOT sul suo futuro e sulle sue abitudini in studio: ci ha svelato quali sintetizzatori ama di più e quali usa di più, cosa lo mette di buon umore prima di entrare in studio e cosa rende Londra la città che è.



 Which is your working method during the production and in studio?

BOT: The first step starts usually outside the studio and it’s when I wake up and listen to promos I get sent or tracks I find on soundcloud. Anything really that can inspire me later on in a day of work at the studio or simply put me in a good mood. So when I go to the studio I have an idea of what I am going to do but to be honest it is very vague and most of the times and I end up doing something else. Listening to new music before starting to do it becomes a motivation ritual.
Which analog synth do you like the most?
BOT: There’s many I like and I only own a Moog voyager and an MS 20. More than a particular one, I like it when they are not perfectly precise and add that extra element of random surprise that only analog gear has.

 SUGGESTION TIME: Suggest some young producer we should keep an eye on?!

BOT: My man Astronomar is doing some sick tracks at the moment as well as other upcoming producers like The Reef from Sweden and Tony Quattro from New York.

What do you think is important for a producer to stand out?

BOT: To really stand out you gotta have style. It can be some signature sound of yours or the way you mix or anything like that. Something that makes people recognize a track is yours as soon as they listen to it. This and doing something worth listening are pretty much all you need to stand out.

Would you suggest London to the younger producer as the right place for music?

BOT: London can be very inspiring for sure but I wouldn’t go and suggest to people to move there to make it happen. It’s not exactly cheap to live here and you can work from everywhere with a internet connection and get your music heard anyway. If it’s good it finds a way to the public regardless.

 Tre parole italiane che pronunci più spesso durante la giornata.

BOT: I swear in italian and I’m not going to tell you how!


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