Stubborn Heart: il tocco inconfondibile della novità

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Stubborn Heart sono un duo di musica elettronica, ma non solo. Provengono dalla musicalmente effervescente Londra, tanto ricca di stimoli, quanto cupa, come le sonorità intime e fragili del gruppo. Gli Stubborn Heart richiamano alla mente la pacatezza poetica del migliore James Blake, tinto di richiami analogici.

Luca Santucci e Ben Fitzgerald, i due ragazzi che si celano dietro questo nome, si stanno dedicando pienamente a migliorare il loro range di suoni. In questa breve intervista, ci hanno raccontato quanto si siano divertiti a campionare i suoni più disparati, registrando il loro primo disco in cucina. Suoni a tratti rudimentali, si avvicendano in un turbinio di emozioni.

Una bella storia che insegna a credere nel proprio lavoro, anche quando le aspettative non sono delle più rosee.



How did you record your first album? Where did you take inspirations?

SH: We recorded our first album in my mum’s kitchen using nothing more than Ben’s mac and his collected sounds and plug-ins. We had a crap keyboard and a crap mic because we were limited financially but that became a good thing and started to shape the music we were making. Our set-up is very basic, using logic like many others and not much else, maybe banging on the table for percussive effect or recording the dog’s breathing for atmosphere. Silly and simple ideas.

How much about London and its atmosphere are in these songs?

SH: It’s impossible not to be influenced by the music that comes out of London, it’s a great music city. It’s not just what’s happening in the clubs there now that we like but the whole history of it, from Al Bowlly to The Kinks to David Bowie to The Clash to The Streets (yeah, Mike Skinner is from Birmingham but he made his music in London). I think London took over from New York at some point in the eighties as the main place to be musically. They say LA is the place to be now but I still love London.

Best electronic album this year so far? 

SH: I haven’t listened to much this year but what I’ve heard from the Boards of Canada album and the James Holden album sounds as beautiful as you would expect from them.

Your music sounds very intimate…how does it feel to play live? What do you expect from people?

SH:  It can be hard to do live. When you’re playing to people who know it something special can happen but you can’t expect a reaction from people who haven’t heard it before. I don’t expect anything from people, I just expect good singing from myself and keep my fingers crossed.

 Next steps for STUBBORN HEART?

SH: Next is another single off the album called ‘Penetrate’, then lots of gigs in the autumn and then starting the second album. And listening to the Boards of Canada and James Holden albums.

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